Beaumaris Medical Centre

Preventative health

Preventative health


Men’s and women’s health assessment

At Beaumaris Medical centre, we want to focus on empowering you to optimise your health and wellbeing. We focus not only on treating disease but on early detection, prevention and helping you live as well and as healthily as possible. We offer a comprehensive health assessment for men and women of all ages to identify areas of risk and create a management plan tailored to your needs. We offer a one-off fully Medicare-funded health assessment for all patients aged 45-49 years old at risk of chronic disease (for example with a family history of diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, or with a personal history of being overweight, inactive, etc). 

Skin cancer screening and skin cancer excisions.

Some of our doctors perform skin cancer checks and are experienced in removal of skin lesions. Our treatment room is fully equipped for minor procedures such as mole removal and suturing of lacerations.

Weight management

With overweight and obesity as a national epidemic, all of our doctors are able to help you to minimise your personal health risks of being overweight. We are able to work closely with our allied health professionals, including our in-house dietitian, and can refer you externally to an exercise physiologist to provide you with support and a tailored management plan for weight loss. We discuss all the options available for weight loss and help you choose the right path for long term results.

Immunisations for well people

At Beaumaris Medical Centre we believe in being proactive about keeping you well. Providing vaccinations such as influenza vaccines, whooping cough vaccines, shingle vaccines and routine boosters is an important part of our approach to preventative medicine. We keep a wide range of vaccines on site, including travel vaccines.